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We at Northern Lites are Michigan Yorkie Breeders and Exhibitor of AKC Champion Yorkshire Terriers. We as breeders strive to breed to the standard and also breed healthy dogs. We offer information about the so called teacup Yorkshire Terrier and miniature Yorkshire Terrier. We want to educate the public who are interested in purchasing a yorkie puppy. Our Yorkies are a example of what a true Yorkshire Terrier should look like. I work with the bloodlines of Durrer's thanks to Betty Anne Durrer, Parkside's thanks to Marie Kaufman-Cardona. You can see my beautiful champions under my show link. The Yorkie is one of the worlds smallest dogs and should not exceed 7lbs in weight. We also strive to educate the public in the care of a Yorkie puppy and their nutritional needs and health issues. You can buy Yorkie books online with a lot of information about the Yorkshire Terrier and information about yorkie puppies.

We also offer our techniques in how to care and grow the hair (coat) for show purposes or just to have long hair. We start our care right from the begining with our yorkie puppies and litters. Yorkie dogs are small dogs, or tiny dogs in the toy group with great personalities. Some are baby faced dogs and some have more terrier faces. The Yorkie was bred to hunt, so never think they are a timid little lap dog, they are energetic, brave, loyal, clever and also affectionate to their master but sometimes they can be stubborn. In other words, they have the true Terrier heritage. The breed is demanding and dependant and needs alot of attention. The Yorkie is a excellent watch dog and likes to bark but can be trained not to do so.

We are a small show home that has show quality yorkies from time to time and are commited to the breed according to the AKC standard. All of our yorkies are pure breed dogs. My son has bad allergies to dogs but he is able to tolerate being around yorkie. A Yorkie is a great little dog for people with allergies. They don't shead nor do they have dander.

There are many different kinds of yorkie breeders that have yorkies for sale so do your homework! My first suggestion is never buy a yorkie puppy before three months of age. When purchasing a yorkie puppy, don't run out and buy the first one you see just because you have seen a cute little yorkie with a red bow on its head. Look for a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will ask as many questions if not more about you and your homelife as you will ask about them when purchasing a puppy and also tell you the positive and negative of owning their particular breed.

Breeding yorkies one must be dedicated and also breeds the American Kennel club standard. Please view the AKC standard. Breeders of Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers are concerned where each and everyone of their puppies go. They keep track of how they are doing in their new homes and are always there if one needs them.

The Yorkshire Terrier breeders will request references and sell all their pet quality yorkie puppies on a spay/neuter contract, limit the AKC registration paper and include a health guarantee. Registered Yorkies with limited AKC papers means that when they are registered you will not be able to breed and register puppies. When buying a yorkie for a pet remember pets are to be loved not bred. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are a big responsibility due to their size even at three to six months old when most breeders sell them and there is no such thing is a teacup yorkie or miniature yorkie. When showing and breeding yorkies one must breed according to the American, Kennel Clubs standard, trying to breed the best Yorkies you can is not an easy venture, it's very time consuming when done properly, not to mention the cost involved.

Yorkies make wonderful family pets but caution is a must when owning a yorkie puppy or adult especially around children. A Yorkshire Terrier can live up to 15 years with the proper care. If you are interested in a teacup yorkie or miniature yorkie I would not suggest owning one under three pounds. My vet states that yorkies of this size have more health problems in life. Yorkie puppies that are three months of age are still very small and fragile little dogs. If you are interested in yorkies I would suggest a four to seven pound yorkie which is a ideal weight. I would also suggest if you want to buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, when buying a puppy from a breeder, your not only buying a Yorkshire Terrier puppy but your buying the breeder as well.


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